- Joy Bitonio, founder

Hi, my name is Joy.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and I live with my husband and our pitbull Avi in Oahu, HI. My love affair with fitness began several years back when one of my best friends asked me to sign up for the World Famous Marine Corps Mud Run with her. Since I'd never done anything like it, I joined Crunch Gym on Sunset because their classes looked cool and I figured that said classes would give me a reason to show up.

With this new healthy habit established, I began to organize my work schedule and my social life around my workouts. After the first signs of progress (and relief from a dysfunctional relationship I was in at the time), I was hooked.

Not only was fitness changing my body. It was changing my mind.

I completed several obstacle and mud runs in the years to follow and ran my first half marathon in 30 degree weather after a night of little sleep and lots of drinks in Vegas. Not the best idea ever, but we suffered through it victorious.

Since then, fitness has empowered me to jump out of a plane from 18,000 feet, swim in open water with sharks in Hawaii, and nail a catch on the flying trapeze.

Currently, in addition to leading the vision behind Aloha Spreader, I am a Marketing Manager for a global commercial real estate service firm and a Lagree Certified Instructor at the first Megaformer studio in Hawaii.

My L.A. work life consisted of countless roles that revolved around all things fitness.
I was the Booking Manager for POUND, Event/Brand Ambassador manager for Girl Meets Strong, and a published fitness and health writer.

I am also a MICHI Brand Ambassador, and obsessed with Lagree Fitness and The Studio (MDR). I aspire to open a Lagree studio in Oahu, where I can empower the community that I love with the realization that their bodies, minds, and souls are so much more capable than they think.

Interested in working together? Hit me up.

I'm here to build And inspire a community of strong women, who in turn become an inspiration to others.

I dream of a world where we're surrounded by aloha spreaders everywhere we go. When we take action to be the best version of ourselves in every way that matters to us most, we enable ourselves to live a life beyond our wildest dreams.

It's only after loving ourselves that we can have the capacity to inspire and love others, and to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.