I wanna hold your hand

Every Monday, we give you something to have mad love and gratitude for to set your mind right for the week.

This #MAHALOMONDAY goes to more hand holding and less cell phone holding.

In our tech dominated world, people spend the majority of time holding their phones or other devices instead of interacting physically with an actual human being. Countless studies substantiate how touch offers emotional and physical health benefits that come from touch.

At a primal level, it's how we're wired to connect and communicate. We all know that the human touch triggers the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that reinforces loving bonds and it can even help keep fear and anxiety at bay. Have you held a hand today?

Friends that sweat together

Here's to getting high off our asses on endorphins together. To exercise partners present and past, we salute you. You have been someone's coach, our cheerleader, reason to start, or to not give up, on fitness goals. You are the reason why someone has gotten their life back.

All living things, especially beings as complex and fucked up as humans, will have the need for community, for connection, for positive support in the company of others. It's something we'll always crave, no matter how much technology continues to find ways to take the face to face out of our every day existence

But first, reuse

Every Monday, we give you something to have mad love and gratitude for to set your mind right for the week.


While others say "but first, coffee," we say, "but first, reuse." Because first world problems are trashy, and shunning wasteful conveniences is très classe. This Mahalo Monday goes out to KeepCup for making our coffee habit waste-free and sexy to look at.

To help paint the picture as to why this matters, think about this: Over 58 billion disposable cups are tossed each year in the US alone. BILLION. BIL-LI-ON. Probably well into bajillions by now. And most people don't even think twice about how this royally fucks with our environment. Girl, bye.

KeepCup has a strong sense of purpose. It's more than a beautfully designed cup, and with over three million KeepCups with rad owners worldwide, it's already began to disrupt the burdening convenience culture as we know it. We're betting on KeepCup to bring death to disposables with the same ninja precision Netflix had when it pulled the plug on archaeic DVD rental chains. We dream of a world where reusables are mainstream, and so does KeepCup's big boss lady.

Lucky for us, she did something about it. Take a few minutes to read her story and how this cup came to be. This woman is pure stoke, so don't be surprised if you find yourself newly inspired to save the world in your own way, too.

"Many small acts will make a phenomenal difference."
- Abigail Forsyth, CEO, KeepCup

Eye see you

Every Monday, we give you something to have mad love and gratitude for to set your mind right for the week.

This #MAHALOHAMONDAY goes to eye contact.

It's one of the most important and primitive ways we communicate and subconsciously connect with each other, and far more fascinating than staring at our smartphones. Humans are the only primates with sclera (whites of the eye), an evolution that enabled early man to connect the link direction had with emotional states. Subliminally, we're drawn to dilated pupils; beyond regulating the amount of light entering the eyes.

Pupil dilation is an involuntary signal of interest, excitement, and attraction.

Research even shows that men's pupils can dilate to 3x their size when watching porn (we know they're bummed this doesn't happen for that "other" body part).

In contrast, babies instinctively use their peepers as a survival strategy; they dilate often to look appealing, locking eyes with cooing caretakers to increase their chances of attention to be fed and cared for. Lovers eye gaze because humans are hardwired to look for dilated pupils as a sign of attraction and intimacy.

And what about women? We love making regular eye contact when talking (duh). Research also shows that our pupils dilate the most when we see photos of mothers and babies (with photos of naked men placing second. (Sorry, guys).


It's all in your head

FItness is our gateway drug to greatness because it forges mental grit.

Scientific research reveals that achievement in health, life, and business is a result of 70% mental toughness, and just 30% talent/skill.

On the physical end, it's a muscle we flex every time we CHOOSE not to miss a workout, every time we COMMIT to a consistent workout schedule despite challenging circumstances, every time we stay in a hard AF exercise for one more rep, one minute longer beyond our perceived limitations. We carry this over to our life and work, using small wins that help us overcome challenges so we can confidently stay the course.

To stay out of the mind fuck, we exercise our mental grit, day in and day out, in our workouts and in our lives. Because like every muscle of the body, if you don't use it, you lose it, and we believe in keeping our edge razor sharp.




And when I get that feeling I need natural healing

Pharmaceuticals are band-aids. Aside from exercise and eating clean, whole foods, using herbal remedies to combat the season's germs are key. Sambucus Nigra (elderberry) is an antiviral herb that boosts the immune system and is a natural remedy for colds, coughs, flu, bacterial, and viral infections.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek “father of medicine,” dubbed the plant his “medicine chest” thanks to its cure-all benefits.

Flavonoids are powerful, natural antioxidants that work to protect the body’s cells. Black Elderberries contain the highest concentration of a special type of flavinoids known as anthocyanins; nearly double the amount found in any other fruit and almost five times higher content than blueberries.