It's all in your head

FItness is our gateway drug to greatness because it forges mental grit.

Scientific research reveals that achievement in health, life, and business is a result of 70% mental toughness, and just 30% talent/skill.

On the physical end, it's a muscle we flex every time we CHOOSE not to miss a workout, every time we COMMIT to a consistent workout schedule despite challenging circumstances, every time we stay in a hard AF exercise for one more rep, one minute longer beyond our perceived limitations. We carry this over to our life and work, using small wins that help us overcome challenges so we can confidently stay the course.

To stay out of the mind fuck, we exercise our mental grit, day in and day out, in our workouts and in our lives. Because like every muscle of the body, if you don't use it, you lose it, and we believe in keeping our edge razor sharp.