Eye see you

Every Monday, we give you something to have mad love and gratitude for to set your mind right for the week.

This #MAHALOHAMONDAY goes to eye contact.

It's one of the most important and primitive ways we communicate and subconsciously connect with each other, and far more fascinating than staring at our smartphones. Humans are the only primates with sclera (whites of the eye), an evolution that enabled early man to connect the link direction had with emotional states. Subliminally, we're drawn to dilated pupils; beyond regulating the amount of light entering the eyes.

Pupil dilation is an involuntary signal of interest, excitement, and attraction.

Research even shows that men's pupils can dilate to 3x their size when watching porn (we know they're bummed this doesn't happen for that "other" body part).

In contrast, babies instinctively use their peepers as a survival strategy; they dilate often to look appealing, locking eyes with cooing caretakers to increase their chances of attention to be fed and cared for. Lovers eye gaze because humans are hardwired to look for dilated pupils as a sign of attraction and intimacy.

And what about women? We love making regular eye contact when talking (duh). Research also shows that our pupils dilate the most when we see photos of mothers and babies (with photos of naked men placing second. (Sorry, guys).