But first, reuse

Every Monday, we give you something to have mad love and gratitude for to set your mind right for the week.


While others say "but first, coffee," we say, "but first, reuse." Because first world problems are trashy, and shunning wasteful conveniences is très classe. This Mahalo Monday goes out to KeepCup for making our coffee habit waste-free and sexy to look at.

To help paint the picture as to why this matters, think about this: Over 58 billion disposable cups are tossed each year in the US alone. BILLION. BIL-LI-ON. Probably well into bajillions by now. And most people don't even think twice about how this royally fucks with our environment. Girl, bye.

KeepCup has a strong sense of purpose. It's more than a beautfully designed cup, and with over three million KeepCups with rad owners worldwide, it's already began to disrupt the burdening convenience culture as we know it. We're betting on KeepCup to bring death to disposables with the same ninja precision Netflix had when it pulled the plug on archaeic DVD rental chains. We dream of a world where reusables are mainstream, and so does KeepCup's big boss lady.

Lucky for us, she did something about it. Take a few minutes to read her story and how this cup came to be. This woman is pure stoke, so don't be surprised if you find yourself newly inspired to save the world in your own way, too.

"Many small acts will make a phenomenal difference."
- Abigail Forsyth, CEO, KeepCup